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Seoul Fun Park

South Korea 🇰🇷

Our notes ▫️ Military: When arriving to Korea we were “received” by 3 army jets at the airport. This made us aware right away that we are in a militarised country which is in fact the 5th in terms of the Global Militarization Index. This has clear implications in the society. First, every young man […]
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Tokyo, Japan


Our notes Ok, if this city has an emoji just for itself, it surely deserves a dedicated post on our website. ▫️ High-Tech Melting Pot 🏢: Tokyo feels like another country inside Japan. While there are still a lot of shrines, impeccable service, our favorite convenience stores, etc. this city seems to take all technological […]
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Japan 🇯🇵

Our notes ▫️ Peace and order: These seem to be the words that make this country. There is a sense of peace on the streets that is impossible to find anywhere else that we visited. There is a specific way of doing everything, and everyone does it in that way. As marketers, we know that […]
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