Thailand 🇹🇭

Warning:  This article is based on our takeaways from Bangkok. Some of the points might not be true for other regions or even cities inside this region.

Our notes

▫️City Life🚦

– A lot of traffic jam on the streets- so they are trying to find out other transportation possibilities. Majority of people use buses which are very cheap but a 5km route may easily take 1 hour to complete. In Bangkok there is SkyTrain which is build above the car level. Although it is fast it is also pretty expensive (several times more expensive than bus). There is also a lot of TukTuk cars, motorcycle taxi, taxi and a small taxi bus;

Chinatown in Bangkok
Chinatown in Bangkok

– People are very nice – they do not speak much English but show their respect and are always trying to be helpful;

– A lot of people sell on the street – there are small shops everywhere. There is also great amount of shopping malls (even shopping malls specialised in specific kind of product);

Street Market Bang Plat
Street Market Bang Plat

– Thai clubbing is very different than European one. Clubs are full of tables and do not have dance floors so people actually just gather listening to loud music but do not dance. When it comes to drinking, they order bigger amounts (bigger bottles) splitting between everyone rather than ordering one drink/person;

– It is common to see people from other countries, like USA, that come here for retirement as costs of living are much lower.

Interesting products

▫️ Shaved Ice Cream 🍧: Very popular dessert. It is made of shredded ice which is then topped with jelly and sweet sauce.
▫️ Thai Bubble Tea 🥤 : It is being already exported to other Asian countries and it is basically a choice of tea with milk on top of jelly beans.

Thai Bubble Tea
Thai Bubble Tea

▫️ One-time Clothes 👙 : Convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven, sell one-time clothes for a cheap price and low quality. You can buy from T-shirts and shorts, to underwear!
▫️ Rice-Cookers 🍚 : It is a daily-use appliance that is not common in Europe. The speed and versatility of such machine would be of great use for every family.
▫️ Insects 🦟 : They are much more than some delicacy. Thai people really eat them as a source of protein. They are very cheap and nutritious.
▫️ Flavours/Vitamins 💊 : It is common to add flavours or vitamins to bottles of water. It serves the sweetener purpose but also it can be for health purposes.
▫️ Mookata Grill Pan 🍲 : Mainly used in buffets to grill meat and cook soup simultaneously.


▫️ The best restaurant where you can eat is everywhere! Food stalls are spread across the city and each of them offers delicious food made in the moment you order. No wonder this is the street food capital city;
▫️ Beer is relatively expensive – for the price of one beer in a restaurant or bar you can have 3 street food meals;
▫️ Fried Rice is amazing and you can find it anywhere in different versions (meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, etc…);
▫️ Phad Thai – the most famous thai dish – keep scrolling down to have a surprise regarding this dish!;

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

▫️ Thai soups – rice, instant or thick noodles, some meat balls/pieces of meat or fish balls, slices of fish (like Norwegian fish pancakes cut into slices) and vegetables. Majority of soups are just liquid (like Polish rosol), not thick and spicy. Usually in restaurants you are served with many additional spices, cashew nuts, some liquid spices and sugar so you are supposed to personalise your soup.

Thai Soup
Thai Soup
▫️ Besides noodles, Thai people eat a lot of rice – everyday, on every meal;
▫️ Sweet sticky rice – A very specific kind of rice, with opaque grains that only grows in southeast Asia – it is usually served with Mango on the side and coconut milk; 
▫️ Fruits- you have available a wide range of fruits anywhere on the street, from mango, to watermelon, pineapple and other that we are still not sure about the name 😉 ; 
▫️ Coconut ice cream – Not only you can have amazingly delicious coconut ice cream everywhere, but also you have some specialty shops that will serve you the ice cream on a coconut shell; 
▫️ Panang neua – curry sauce with beef; 
▫️ Thai Tea – very strong tea mixed with condensed milk and evaporated milk usually served on ice – delicious and sweet!
▫️ Finally, we would like to share with you two recipes that we learned from our friend Naree, born and raised in Bangkok! Just click the download button 😁


▫️ We stayed only in Bangkok but we were always busy. Weekends were almost entirely destined to sightseeing and meetings, so we managed to visit:
▫️Golden Buddha

Reclining Buda

▫️Lumphini Park
▫️Golden Mountain
▫️Santa Cruz Catholic Church
▫️Wat Pho
▫️Kaosan Road
▫️Reclining Buddha
▫️Chatuchak Market
▫️Jim Thompson’s House
▫️Grand Palace
▫️Wat Arun

Events & Meetings

▫️ Entrepreneurs Breakfast: An event where the attendees are mainly American businessmen who retired or have worked in Asia. The purpose is pure networking and it happens every Friday;
▫️ Drones in Business: Entrepreneurs with drone-related business gathered to discuss the future of this technology in Thailand. Some of the companies invited are using drones for mapping, delivery, photography, etc… You can learn more about this event in Drones for Business.
▫️ Growth Mindset: people with positive thinking gathered to learn new concepts about personal development. You can learn more about this event in Growth Mindset.;
▫️ Seedstars Asia – A tech event where many start-ups from all over Asia had the opportunity to pitch to investors and potential clients. In the end, networking took over the event in one of Bangkok amazing rooftops, where the after-party took place.

Traveller advice

▫️ In Bangkok, maybe the best way to travel around the city is by taking boats in the Chao Praya River. It is cheap, allows you to avoid traffic and it will leave you in some of the main areas of the city;

▫️ The Skytrain is also a very good way, but in the Thai reality, it is somewhat expensive. Nevertheless, it is never empty, so we guess the price policy is correct 😉;
▫️ Taxis might be the cheapest we have seen so far. But remember, always negotiate the price or ask the driver to turn on the taximeter;
▫️ Even though we did not travel outside the capital, it is true that the Thai transportation system is good and cheap. Train, bus or airplane are all good ways to get to Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and the rest of the most appealing places in the country;

TukTuk Bangkok

▫️ Do not drink tap water! You will find “water stations” where you can fill your bottles for a cheap price (10 Thai Baht/1,5L).