SOHOland & Cubes is a registered private company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,
specialized in “place-making” such as business centers, co-working spaces, co-housing etc.
Eric Lim, the owner, is a person who not only leads the project but also,
more importantly, lives by this idea - sharing his spaces, time and knowledge
with hundreds of people from all over the world. 
We stayed in SOHOland for 1 week - living all 5 aspects of the HyperCube Concept
👉 Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play 👈


Great idea for sharing knowledge, culture, ideas -
living in an open community ready to try and choose what is beyond "usual"

Do Good. Make Money. Have Fun.
Simple idea, which is not that simple for many people to implement.
Concept "Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play"
brings together all aspects of our current life as Traveling Freelancers.
We spent a beautiful week in SOHOland learning about the project
directly from its founder - Eric - and from other participants.



HyperCube Concept

1. In a world of uncertainty and constantly changing conditions,
especially young people are looking for new opportunities and new lifestyles.
Solutions come from Disruptive Innovation and Behavior,
such as co-working and co-living (sharing resources and collaboration),
change of lifestyle (holistic integration of Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play),
ownership revolution (shared equity and the commons) etc.
2.  SOHOland is a solution joining sharing economy, collaborative consumption
and solidarity economy based on the Triple Bottom Line approach,
paying equal emphasis to Profit, People & Planet (the 3Ps)
and to Economy,  Equity & Ecology (the 3Es).

Quick thoughts

- By owning and sharing a collaborative second home,
you will adopt a new and healthier lifestyle,
which will bring benefits not only for yourself but for those around you.
- Hypercubes are the latest trend in property development,
creating specialized and dedicated areas for exclusive utilization by residents truly
integrating Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play concept in one location.
- By owning a collaborative second home,
you will own an economic engine (Profit) that also takes care of People and Planet.

We meet amazing people!

Mr Eric Y.F. Lim

He is a licensed realtor who had successfully launched and managed
the first “SMART HOME” condominium project in Malaysia in the ’90s
which evolved into the SOHOMINIUM
(Small-Office-Home-Office in Condominium)

concept in China and Malaysia in the early 2000s.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, catching up with news
and spending a lot of time with young people - is it a recipe for his life?
71-years old entrepreneur, a proud owner of a drone
and supporter of blockchain concept

Eric is focused on innovation and development...
and he has more power and energy than people in their 20s - to do more and more!

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